How Will You Grow Your Nest Egg?

Consider Nesting Your Retirement in an Investment IRA today in 3 easy steps.

To Get Started:

  1. Open A Custodian Account
  2. Fund the Account
  3. Purchase IRA Approved Products

Converting your IRA or former 401(k) into a Gold IRA is that Easy!
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Three Reasons You Should Own Precious Metals

1) True Diversification

Physical gold and other precious metals offer true diversification, solid protection and excellent profit potential for any portfolio. When you secure gold within your retirement portfolio, nothing comes between you and your physical asset. Endeavor Metals Group believes it would be an oversight to rely solely on Gold ETF’s and mining stocks to gain true diversification.

2) Liquidity

Aside from being an excellent store of value, gold and silver is considered a liquid asset. It can readily be converted into cash or goods when needed because it is a globally recognized currency.

3) Purchasing Power Protection

In the 1920′s, an ounce of gold, worth $20, could easily purchase a high-end tailor-made suit. Today, that one ounce of gold still buys a high-end tailor-made suit. The U.S. twenty dollar bill, however, will not even cover the cost of a nice tie. Gold’s purchasing power and wealth preservation have a proven track record, even prior to the beginning of our modern financial system.

A Precious Metals IRA is a Self-Directed IRA that allows you to safely own physical precious metals in a tax-deferred account. You are no longer confined to risky stocks and bonds but could instead have a physical asset inside your portfolio, stored in a secure, reliable depository.

The Self-Directed IRA gives you the power to decide exactly what type of precious metals you invest in. Whether you choose gold, silver, platinum or palladium, the physical asset is safely stored for you in a secure IRS-approved depository waiting for you when you retire. When working with Endeavor Metals Group, the process of adding gold or other precious metals to your current IRA is a simple and hassle-free transaction. You can choose to transfer your entire IRA account, or just a portion of it, into a new Self-Directed Gold IRA. This common practice is known as a “Direct Rollover” or a “Direct Transfer.” It is a tax-free transaction, meaning the IRS allows you to move funds out of one IRA into another IRA, free of tax penalties.